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creating confidence through communication

The Spot for Speech Pathology

Creating Confidence Through Communication

Our mission at The Spot for Speech Pathology is to provide individualised services to best suit our clients’ specific needs. We aim to engage clients in personalised, fun and evidence-based activities to assist them in reaching their communication goals.
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Speech pathologists are university trained to assess, diagnose and treat communication disorders.

Services cover the whole life span from premature babies to the elderly.

Speech sounds, receptive and expressive language, literacy, fluency (stuttering), voice, social skills, fussy feeders and swallowing difficulties.

Creating Confidence Through Communication

If you are concerned about your child’s communication skills, contact us today.

Creating Confidence Through Communication

Frequently Asked Questions

No, you can contact us directly to engage in services.
Please call us on 0423 384 604 or send us an email at to discuss your concerns. We can then arrange a suitable time to collect information regarding your child’s general development and book them in for an assessment.

Travel fees apply for external sessions at a rate of $0.97/km + $3.32/minute of travel time.

We encourage parents/carers to be as involved as possible with their child’s assessment and therapy sessions. Parents can provide valuable information to the clinician about their child and can also make their child feel more at ease during sessions. By being involved in sessions, parents/carers can learn how to best assist their child to practise new skills at home between therapy sessions.

Each child has a unique set of abilities and requirements and respond differently to therapy. Depending on the type of goals your child is working towards, the number of goals they are working towards, how often they attend therapy sessions and how much practise is carried out at home all impact upon the pace at which they achieve their goals.

Some children may only require a short block of therapy or for more severe difficulties they may require ongoing therapy to support their development over a number of years. Your speech pathologist will be able to give you an idea of what to expect once they have assessed your child.

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